Diamond Ball Highlights

On Thursday night, Rihanna had her annual diamond ball. The Diamond Ball is a charity event. Donations made during the Ball is dedicated to the Clara Lionel Foundation. This foundation was created in 2012 in an effort to help students all around the globe have higher education, especially in the Caribbean. Many celebrities stormed the venue in their designer gowns. Here are some highlights:

CARDI was the Bella of the Ball!

Of course, we anticipated Rih to bring it! I mean come on she is the same person that makes a trash bag looks good!


To Be Thrill In Paris

The beauty of fashion is it has many voices. Different cultures expressed their selves differently. I’ve got a hobby called people watching and I love to see how people express themselves in the form of fashion. So here I am in the lower east village of Manhattan waiting in line for a show.

I noticed in the line there was a lot of Asians and I’m thinking to myself they’re dope!

I wasn’t aware that the designer was in fact of the Asian culture. However, they were dope! I would say the show had a total of 30 looks. The collection colors were white, black, and gray with a hint of red. The garments had a mixture of frill, lace, and fringes throughout it! Lots of volume and asymmetrical shapes.

Check it out:

New York Fashion Week Street Style Ideas

Guess who is going to fashion week? Yep, you guessed right! The Style Spy is heading to Newyork. Fashion week is a fashion orgasm! I have been dreaming of going for awhile now and I decided that I would make that dream come true. At first, it started out as me just going to be in the fashion atmosphere but then I landed an internship so now I can work a show. It was allllll a dream! I use to sit and read Vogue magazine, now trotting down the streets of NY….Babbbbyyyy Babbbby! Side note: That has to be read in biggie small voice or you will totally miss out on the life I just got! Lol

Although I have been planning this trip all year I have nothing to wear!  😦 So far I have two dope tops…YIKES! Well here are some dope looks from fall/winter 16 show!




Stay tuned for more updates on my journey to fashion week

-The Style Spy


Shoe Talk: My Fave shoe designers

Hey Spies, I have composed a dope list of shoe designers that are my ultimate FAVES! I believe that sharing is caring so I had to fill you in with some dopeness. I believe that a woman’s shoe should make a statement. I am an accessory kinda woman so my accessories do the talking for any garment. The benefit of having dope accessories is that you can mix high and low together. Check out my list below.


Sophia Webster


This designer is my FAVORITE! I first fell in love with her while watching a Victoria Secret fashion show and the shoe designs were extremely bad. They were one of a kind but still had a touch to the fact that you can point out her designs a mile away. These shoes are a STATEMENT!

Charlotte Olympia


 Jeffrey Campbell

dcc695eed0fb704097c0aa124f5a27e6--western-boots-jeffrey-campbell    dbe5cd4baececa6cb94e5692dd9a92d6--jeffrey-campbell-coffee.jpg

I am pretty sure that in a past life I was a rock star or a hippie. I love this designer because of the platform boots. His shoes are funky and untraditional.  I love the fact that his designs are full of risk. I am for sure the type of person that likes to rebel and his designs do that for me.

Manolo Blahnik


Now every now and then, I love a good timeless shoe. Manolo’s is the designer that captures a timeless moment.



As you can see my shoe taste is very whimsical. LOL, I love for my shoes to do the talking without me uttering a word. I love designers that understand that.

Giuseppe Zanotti


Betsey Johnson



Jimmy Choo


Jimmy Choo used to be my FAVORITE shoe designer but they’re stuck in tradition and although, these pumps make a statement I wish they offered more variety of shoes. If you own a pair of shoes from these designers or have a favorite designer not listed, please tell me in the comment section or tag me via. Instagram.

-The Style Spy

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Top 90’s Retro Brands

90sbanner.png   Hey spies, I am here for the 90’s funk! For some reason, I am on this retro kick and want to fill my closet with everything HIP HOP! I mean it’s time to go back to the culture. Okay, some styles in the 90’s we can do without but some styles we can revisit. Let’s go for a blast in the past or future because my fall wardrobe is about to be lit with retro items!

  1. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger was a huge brand in the 90’s. Although, some would argue that the designer stated he didn’t want African Americans wearing his clothing. The truth of the matter is the African American culture is what catapulted his company.  Throughout the years the company has lost some momentum but it coming back in style!


2. Fila

Fila is an Italian shoe company founded in Biella, Italy in 1911. When Fila was first established their target market was the textile industry. However, today it’s known for their tennis shoes.  In 2001, Fila open their first sports store in Milan and like other popular brands they were a hit and growing in that era but sales started to decline. Now they’re making a way back on the scenes.


3. Fubu

Refer back to my last post for more information. Just know they’re LIT!


4. Coogi

Now the 90’s wouldn’t be fashion without the Coogi sweaters! I am the hunt for one! GRR! I hate that Florida has one season all year long which is HOT! Lol, so I will have to travel to rock this JOINT!


5. Adidas


All this sauce! I am soo ready for fall!  I will be back with some thrift store finds asap. If you rock any of these looks, please tag me on Instagram! I want to see!

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FUBU is a fall must have!

FUBU is a popular brand that was popping in the 90’s. In 1992 Daymond John, Alexander Martin, Keith Perrin, Carlton Brown started Fubu as a hat line. Over the years the for us by us brand evolved into fashion. Some of the dopest artists rocked this brand!

FUBU and Tommy Hilfiger were two popular brands in the 90’s

However, fashion comes and it goes! The fashion label lost its momentum over a period of time. However, it has been slowly coming back in style!

Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week ’17 spotted a designer who created a dope FUBU outerwear piece. This piece was designed by Jennnekaba

This very jacket was featured in the Italian Vogue.

Check out the latest collection:

This fall is a much needed retro type of season! All the dope 90’s brands are making a wave back in style! Catch the wave! Tag me on Instagram in your dope 90’s pieces!

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