Being Innovative Comes With a Price!

Have you ever felt like as soon as you think of an idea and start working it; Someone comes along and starts mimicking the same idea?  It’s annoying, I agree but a good friend brought it to my attention that sometimes you can be a leader not even know it. So when you find yourself being irritated by others who are copying your style. Remember you are apart of their inspiration, regardless if they admit it or not. If you don’t believe me, keep on reading.


I always reference back to Rihanna Fenty because it’s the hottest thing right now. As you all might know that Rihanna Fenty Beauty line launched and it offered 40 shades that are now sold out in almost all of the shades. I am currently on the waiting list but I digress. Back to my point as soon as Rihanna dropped her line, Foundation companies from all over started to advertise their line as having 40 shades. Granted Fenty beauty was the money maker since it launched and other companies had to think quick and fast in order to stay afloat. Here you have companies that have built a name for themselves for many years and feel the need to compete with Fenty Beauty because it was the talk of the town at the moment. Companies like Makeup Forever has been one of the most popular companies that many love and yet they lost sight of their campaigns by trying to stay afloat.


Make Up Forever posted this picture with the caption “40 Shades is nothing new to us.” Lol, talking about some SHADE! Sometimes, in our personal lives we find ourselves wanted to shade people and knock them off their high horse by stating “Chill little baby, we aren’t the same.” If you’re like me than you will take the high road because sometimes you can lose your momentum by paying attention to what everyone else is doing. Ideas are sometimes a hit or miss but don’t feel the need to compete with those who don’t even compare to you. Makeup forever will never be Fenty Beauty so it’s useless to try and compete with them when they don’t even compare to each other.

My take is be willing to be copied. be willing to be mocked but most of all be willing to grow in your own way and stay true to who you are.

-Johnakeshia 🙂


What’s the big deal about 30!

As a teenager, I made a goal that stated by 30, I would be successful with a family and a career. I was adamant that at 30, I was going to have my life together. At age 25, I made a promise to myself that I still had enough time to get my life together. I had enough time to get married. I had enough time to have kids and some kind of way, I had enough time to have this grand career!

Now here I am at 30! No kids, No Husband and a business that I’ve yet to find the right tool to grow it. Usually, I would have a nervous breakdown and get depressed because I am not where I thought I should be. The truth is I have a legitimate business and all I need is one door to open and I will have multiple streams of income coming from several directions because of the ground work that I have done.

I often wonder why is it so much pressure to be married with kids by 30! I mean is that really reality? I know that if I had kids before 30, I wouldn’t have my business or traveling the world. It’s nothing wrong with being a mom or a wife but at this point in my life that isn’t a goal! I have dreams that I must achieve beforehand, or else I will feel like I missed out on something! 30 is my new 20 to achieve every goal that I have ever dreamed of!

I am 30! I am smart, a hard worker, ambitious, loving, successful and FABULOUS!

-Style spy

Testing Blues

Hey Spies :), Last week was one of the toughest weeks ever.  For those of you all who don’t know, I  am a Junior at UNF and my major is Communications. Last term, I took media writing and the requirement was to pass the grammar test. The first time I took the test, I failed. The second time I took the test, I failed. The third time I took the test, Yep, I failed. The third time was technically my last time to take the test, but let me tell you how my God works. My professor now is the dean of communications,so he allowed me another chance. However, that other chance was stretched out to  multiple chances. Last Monday, I took the test and I was 4 points away from passing. In order to pass I had to score a 35,so he allowed me to retake it on Tuesday.  I was nervous but yet thrilled that I could try again but this time I scored a 33. 😦 two points away from being freed of the testing blues.  By now my stress level is rising because I am not sure what I am doing wrong. I studied again and retried the next day. Honestly, I was playing Russian roulette with the answers and that scored me a 31, back to the beginning. This night I sobbed and sobbed because I knew the answer or so I thought and couldn’t figure them out. So I encourage myself to try again and this time I was one point away! One FREAKING point! The water works begin to fall rapidly and I wanted to quit! I searched for ways around becoming a fashion editor but the truth is that was my only way. At this point I was content that if I had to drop my classes then so be it! Although, I was given another try, I didn’t want to take it. I was tired of getting my hopes up. I was tired of being disappointed but even in my tiredness I gave it another try! I grabbed my laptop and I studied! I went to school the next day and that’s when I passed! After, I was done trying things my way and decided to apply myself and do it the right way is when I passed! I cried out God what’s the lesson and the only thing I got is there is no shortcuts, you must do it the right way or no way at all!

This made me re-evaluate my task and I simply can no longer bite off more than I can chew. In order for me to be a blessing to someone else,I need to be the best version of myself.

I am mobbing everything that comes against my future! BYE BYE Giants!

Image: MDphotos

Body Suit: ChicMobb

Mink Coat: My nanny actually bought it!

Skirt/ Boots: Rainbow

Check yourself!

Sometimes we will try to be everything to everyone and still put ourselves last. I decided that this wasn’t the year for me to play super save a person to everyone and leave myself hanging. Have you ever notice that you can be good to everyone else but still find away to be cruel to yourself? I mean that’s foolish right? Well guess what, we have all done it. Your friend or significant other can desperately need your help and you become their biggest cheerleader and help them reach their goals but put yours on hold. Ohhh NO! I am not doing that anymore.I can remember dating a guy and I was begging for him to see ME! While, I was crying out for him to notice me, I lost myself. I am sort of kind of get complacent with people and I really don’t like change. I mean once I get to know someone, I want that person to be around forever and because of that I had to let go the hard way. In the process, I found myself and vowed to NEVEERRRRRR EVERRRRRR beg someone to see value in me! Honey, if he don’t know he has someone AMAZING, then he will never know and that’s okay.

I know I said this would be all about fashion so I have to throw in some fashion! 🙂 I will continue to share my thoughts as well! YAY! My very own personal diary! LOL! Thank you for reading and please subscribe!

Outfit details: Slip Dress: Rainbow /Purse/ Faux pompom / Faux fur

Boots: Just Fab

Images by MDPhotos, you can find her on via Instagram: Mdphotos

PS. Love you gurl or nobody else will!