What’s the big deal about 30!

As a teenager, I made a goal that stated by 30, I would be successful with a family and a career. I was adamant that at 30, I was going to have my life together. At age 25, I made a promise to myself that I still had enough time to get my life together….

Testing Blues

Hey Spies :), Last week was one of the toughest weeks ever.  For those of you all who don’t know, I  am a Junior at UNF and my major is Communications. Last term, I took media writing and the requirement was to pass the grammar test. The first time I took the test, I failed….

Check yourself!

Sometimes we will try to be everything to everyone and still put ourselves last. I decided that this wasn’t the year for me to play super save a person to everyone and leave myself hanging. Have you ever notice that you can be good to everyone else but still find away to be cruel to…