Style Spotlight: Shastan

  Hey guys, I have been slipping on my spy game. Life has pulled me in several directions which made me neglect my weekly spotlights. However, I am back and I had a chance to kick it with Shastan. I first met Shastan on the set of the home alone video shoot. In the video,…

Style Spotlight: Madina Robinson

When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade! There’s something special about a woman who take what seem like a lost and make it out of a profit. To some it looks like you are going through and struggling but to others they see your comeback. They recognize that if you spend a little time…

Style Spotlight: Ti Lashun Faite

My ideal closet is bold colors, jeans, lots of heels, sneakers for those comfortable days, and a lot of exclusive custom pieces. I love to be different and I love to be the only one in the city with that one and only look.

Style Spotlight: Keisha Burr

My influence is to make sure a story is told. This is whether I’m styling a shoot or show even costuming a film or play. I consider myself an artist. We get to show people how we see things. Some use paint, metal or wood; I prefer fabric. -Keisha Burr