YSL inspired Boots

Hey guys, I know you all have seen the 10k YSL Boots. I loved them but let’s be honest my taste is more than my finances right so that was a No go! However, I decided that I could do my own version of the Boots. I did and it took me four months! 😔 sigh! Between running out of the gems and having to order more or running out of glue an easy project became a four-month TASK! It was worth it! Below you will find step by step ways to create your very own!

Things you will need: 
E6000 clear glue tubes
7 1440 gem packs in size 16


metallic boots

Step 1: Lay the boots flat

2: apply glue to the boots in your desired location. I started at the bottom doing row by row and worked my way to the top of the boot.

Step 3: put some glue on the end of your stencil

Step 4: Apply gems to the boots

Check out my youtube tutorial: https://youtu.be/sh7e6CS7aQk

Finish product



‘‘Tis the season to be….”

The holidays are finally here and for some this time of year can be the hardest of them all. Some people have lost dear loved ones around this time or the memories of celebrating with them is a dreadful thing to do without them. While others are out sipping hot cocoa and gathering gifts I understand there are some who needs their spirits lifted.

Being 30 without any kids or married would’ve taken a tow on me. I mean that’s what the holidays are all about having people that you love to share it with. However, I had to remember that I do have an abundance of love and to share. I mean for one my family is HUGE! Every year my nanny throws us a Christmas party and has been doing it since we were kids. I look forward to the games and laughter that my Cousin’s and I share. However, I would’ve looked over all that love if I focused on what I didn’t have. Although, you’ve lost someone dear or feel like you’re all alone…. remember you’re never alone and enjoy the people around you that loves you! They really do love you and sometimes you can be blindsided by the idea of someone loving you. As if God only created one person to love! He is love and he created us all to love so embrace that….. if you find yourself not knowing anyone that loves you than I encourage you to love someone!

Go volunteer somewhere, give back and that’s where you’ll find your heart! The holidays aren’t about the gifts; Although that’s a bonus thing and makes you feel good but it’s truly about the love that was birthed on that day! Find a little Joy and share some LOVE!

Outfit details:

Shoes/Hat: Rainbow Shops

Cape Blazer: Pretty Pieces

Purse: thrift store

Jeans: Marshall’s

📸: Shab Photography<<

It’s more to a pair of white boots



For the longest, I have hated white shoes. White pumps, white boots, white ballet shoes or white sandals. I have NEVER been a fan of white shoes unless they were sneakers. Good thing my mom never bought me any white shoes! However, fall and winter is amongst us and guess what the trend is? Yes, to my demise it is white BOOTS!

I know what you are thinking….so what don’t follow the trend but I was determined to not be defeated by the white boot! I have found myself in life not doing something because I hated it but never tried it and that’s such a disadvantage. I mean this is some character traits that we learn in pre-k. We try new foods so that we can expand our horizons. Here I am disgusted over a white shoe that I have never tried and refused to try. I mean it’s the small things like that, that blocks you from bigger goals. Granted it’s a white boot today but tomorrow it can very much so be your dreams, dream man or different adventures. IMG_0472

I decided to change my language because I can’t possibly hate something that I have never tried. I mean isn’t that what fashion is all about. It’s about breaking rules and stepping outside of your norms. Today I have overcome my white boot syndrome and tomorrow I will break down other barriers. It’s a mindset thing, change your mind and you will change your posture at least that’s what coach D taught me and her theory is true.


Photo Credits: Shab photography (contact information: Shabphotography@gmail.com

Outfit Details:

Faux fur coat/ Mesh Dress: Rainbow

Jeans: Marshalls

Hat: Dolls Kills

Boots: Forever 21

Hat: Dolls Kill

Purse: Stein Mart/ My mom’s closet

Hair: Adrionne Owens